The Impact of Cura Coffee

Wow! Can you believe it? It has been a year since we launched Cura Coffee. Sorry we haven't posted in a while, but we are back! We are excited to share with you the impact coffee has and the impact Cura Coffee is making. Did you know that every day we spend millions of dollars on coffee? And why shouldn’t we? Coffee helps us wake up in the morning; it gives us opportunities to catch up with loved ones; and for some of us it helps us stay awake during the long nights of studying. Unfortunately there is a bit of a dark side to coffee. Around the world coffee farmers are being exploited for their cheap labor. These poor farmers have to support entire families on about two dollars a day. Thats where we come in. Here at Cura Coffee we believe we can enjoy this delicious drink in a socially responsible way. We want our impact to go beyond that cup of coffee you drink. As a direct trade coffee company we are achieving this goal. Every bag of coffee you purchase is purchased at a fair price that will allow these farmers to live a better life. Most direct trade companies stop here but we wanted to go even further. The founder of Cura Coffee, Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, has a passion for dental care. As a dentist he saw a tremendous need for dental care in Nicaragua, which is where the coffee plantation we purchase from is located. After a lot of work and planning we now have several self sustaining dental clinics in the remote regions of Nicaragua providing dental care to over 600 families and counting. So remember, every time you take a sip of Cura Coffee you are helping kids and their families smile brighter.