Our Mission

At Cura Coffee, we believe each day brings new hope and should begin with changing lives. Each cup of our fair trade coffee supports the very communities from which it is sourced. With each bag of coffee purchased, Cura is expanding sustainable dental care to under served communities both locally and globally.

Our Source

Nearly 70% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 per day and have limited or no access to dental care. Poor dental hygiene can contribute to a number of negative health conditions, most of which are completely preventable with proper care.

Working with Coffee and Tea Collective, Cura Coffee we intentionally source coffee beans from small producers and pay premium, specialty coffee prices, which in turn supports the local farmers and their families. Once each bag of coffee is purchased, Cura Coffee works directly with Cura Smiles to fund sustainable dental care in this remote community. Together, we can create hope, one smile at a time.

Our Story

In 2003, Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick embarked on his first mission trip to Nicaragua to work at a dental clinic. He spent time in a remote town outside the city of Managua. While volunteering at the dental clinic, he saw countless children who had been living with decayed and infected teeth. Thomas met with the local families, learned about their backgrounds and experiences and ended up falling in love with this small community in Nicaragua.

His first trip was quickly followed by another and another. Since 2003, Thomas has traveled to Nicaragua nearly every year to volunteer his time and provide dental care to the countless families in need.

In 2010, a team of dental professionals was invited to Boaco to provide dental care to a community of coffee growers.

This community represented the Tierra Nueva Union of Cooperatives which consists of 650 coffee growing families who have little or no access to dental care. By working with the Foundation for Worldwide Health (FWH), UNICA, Tierra Nueva and Rotary International, a dental clinic was built in Boaco and equipped for continued use by Nicaraguan dental professionals.

Thomas did not want to stop there. He wanted to find a more sustainable approach to supporting the hard working farmers and families of the Tierra Nueva Coop. In 2013, the concept for Cura Coffee was born.

Cura Coffee, partnering with Coffee and Tea Collective intentionally sources and roasts coffee through small lot producers, ensuring ethical coffee sourcing practices and paying premium prices to support the coffee growing communities. Profits from the coffee are utilized to continue expanding sustainable dental care to underserved communities.

To date, Cura Coffee has supported dental care efforts in Nicaragua and is currently supporting the first Cura Smiles Dental Clinic in the City Heights community of San Diego, CA. In 2022, Cura Smiles dental clinic served 200 individuals in need and performed 970 dental procedures free of charge.

Cura Coffee works directly with its non-profit partner, Cura Smiles, to fulfill its mission of expanding sustainable dental care locally and globally.