Expresso your love!

Can you feel it? There is love in the air. When people speak of love they often times think of couples, but love goes far beyond that romantic image most of us see. Love is that feeling a kindergartner feels when he or she sees mom after the very first day of school; that intense affection that cannot be put into words. Working with the farmers in Nicaragua, we have been able to see that deep love rooted in these families. They have shown us a culture that we are simply not used to seeing here in the USA. After a long day of work, the family comes together and shares that mutual love they have for each other. They spend hours upon hours together. The parents devout themselves to their children and the children to their parents in the same manner. The community itself also reflects this lifestyle. Stores close early, so they can spend time with their loved ones. There are a lot of things we can learn from these nicaraguan families. In this season of love we should give some attention to those who have loved us unconditionally. Let's express our love with those siblings, parents, uncles, grandparents, and that very special someone. Share with a loved one the joy of Cura Coffee farmed by these loving families. Your purchase helps us show these families some love in return.