Sustainable Dental Care

You might be wondering why in a coffee blog we are constantly talking about teeth. For those of you who don't know, Cura Coffee supports sustainable dental care facilities that serve over 600 families in the rural areas of nicaragua. Here in the states it is easy for us to dismiss the importance of dental care. Most of us brush our teeth every day and when we have pain in our mouth we simply schedule an appointment with our dentist. This isn’t the case for the rural farm workers of Nicaragua.

There are many negatives to not having dental care that people don’t even realize. Did you know that poor dental hygiene can even increase your chance of heart disease or strokes? Many studies have been conducted and poor dental hygiene dramatically reduces the lifespan of a person's life. A simple google search and you can see that your chances of diabetes are higher if you don't properly take care of your teeth.

The group of dentists from the US that went to Nicaragua shared their personal experience when they came back. Even though there were many specific mouth problems for the people in Nicaragua, their biggest concern was the lack of education about dental care. This is something that we are trying to change.

Even though taking dentists from the United States was helpful we wanted to do more. We knew that there was no way these people would be able to go to the closest city and get proper dental care on a regular basis. The average farmer earns 2 dollars a day, an extraction costs 6 dollars. It would take 3 days of earnings for a simple extraction. The vision has been to provide dental care to these families and it has finally become a reality. We started with one permanent dental clinic in the remote areas of Nicaragua. This dental clinic has now become 5 permanent dental clinics. These clinics, through your help and contributions, are open and available to the farmers and their families.

Cura Coffee Co. was established to expand sustainable dental care both locally and globally to many under served populations. Our hope is to not only provide dental services but to also educate these people about the importance of dental hygiene. So next time you are enjoying a nice cup of Cura Coffee, you can smile brighter knowing that this delicious drink is having an impact that goes #BeyondTheCup