The Crazy World of Coffee

            According to Kaldi legend, a long time ago a man in Ethiopia noticed that his goats would not go to sleep after eating a specific berry. He was intrigued by this discovery and decided to try it out for himself. The results were the same for him. He noticed that after eating these berries he was more alert and less tired for longer periods of time. He reported this to the local monks who created a drink with these special berries. We now know this drink to be coffee

            By the late 17th century coffee had made its way into Europe and the New World. Coffee plantations started to pop up as the Europeans colonized the world. Missionaries and conquerors planted these coffee plants wherever they went. In fact, it is believed that some of the coffee plantations of Nicaragua, where we grow our coffee, go back to the time of the Spanish colonization. Over the years this drink has become a social norm across the world. From Asia to Africa to South America, this drink united us all.

            The very industrialized world we live in has made sure that we have a constant supply of coffee. Almost every store in the world has some sort of coffee available. To the devout coffee lovers though, mediocre coffee is not acceptable. The instant, already ground, manufactured coffee just doesn't do it for a growing number of coffee followers.

            This growing group of coffee followers are changing the way people consume and look at coffee. More and more small family owned coffee shops are opening up across the world and they each offer a unique take on coffee. These new coffee lovers demand high quality coffee, which large corporations simply cannot offer, in order to make their master brews.

            Recipes across the web are popping up with a unique take on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. It is a crazy world out there! I recently came across a recipe that suggests adding butter to your coffee. Another recipe says that adding coconut oil to your coffee is the key to the perfect cup. The creativity of these coffee lovers is endless. Our coffee connoisseur, Regan, has come up with a Coffee Tonic. Le me tell you at first I didn't even know what I was tasting, but by the time I was done drinking my cup...I wanted more.

            The idea and purpose of coffee hasn't changed, just the way we see it and enjoy it. It is really exciting to see where this new trend is leading us. If you haven't tried some of these crazy recipes it is time for you to give it a shot. Grab a bag of our high quality Cura Coffee and try some of the crazy recipes out there. Be sure to share your experience with us. And remember to always think #beyondthecup