Direct Trade versus Fair Trade

You as the consumer have what seems to be an unlimited amount of options when it comes to buying socially responsible coffee. Out of those many options you will probably come across the following two terms: direct trade and fair trade.

According to the Fair Trade website, fair trade is simply that, trading products at a fair price. Compensating workers justly in a way that they have a positive influence in their communities. A company that wishes to become recognized as Fair Trade can register with them and go through the process of becoming certified. The Fair Trade organization has high standards for the companies wishing to join including a monthly licensing fee charge so that a company can use the Fair Trade name.

For the consumer this third party organization offers the security that things are being done right. For the farmers though things are a bit different. Farmers who decide to go the fair trade way sell their coffee to fair trade cooperatives. These fair trade cooperatives charge royalties and fees because they have to pay for the licensing to call themselves Fair Trade. The organization then is the one to distribute the money. Even though they receive a fair wage, these farmers often times make less than if they were to sell directly.

A Direct Trade company close the gap between the farmer and the consumer. This is done by creating relationships directly with the people growing the coffee. As a Direct Trade Coffee we have relationships with the people who grow our coffee in the Tierra Nueva region of Nicaragua. We are also held to high, strict standards. We strive to be a positive influence to the farmers and their community.

As a direct Direct Trade company, we have a closer relationship with the people growing our coffee. There are constant trips to these farms to ensure the quality of the coffee. Not only is the quality of the coffee important to us but the quality of life too. We want these people to live happy lives full of smiles. We can cater the needs of the farmers and our consumers better as a direct trade company because we are involved in every step of the process. So next time you are enjoying your cup of Cura Coffee remember that your purchase has made an impact that goes #beyondthecup.