Living Without Teeth

Have you ever thought what the world would be like if you lost your teeth? It is easy to take our teeth for granted and forget how important they really are. So what would a day without teeth be like?

Imagine starting off the day with very limited choices in what you could eat. Without teeth you obviously cannot chew food. Here in the United States that might not be a huge issue because there would be many other food choices. Unfortunately that is not the case in many other locations. Not having teeth or not being able to chew food leaves many people with limited choices on what they can eat. This limitation of food can lead to poor nourishment.  

Not having teeth can also lead to many other complications. Speaking alone would be a bigger challenge without teeth. Also, gums are very sensitive, and if they are left exposed it becomes very easy for infections and diseases to get into the body. Due to the additional health complications, people without teeth live shorter lives than those who still have all their teeth.  

Besides the obvious health and dietary complications, people who do not have teeth or have poor dental care are less confident than those who do. Imagine not being able to smile because you were embarrassed of what people might see. Imagine the poor self esteem these people have by not being able to confidently speak up or talk with new people.

Thankfully we live in a world where dental health and care is a priority. We do not have to suffer a life without teeth because even if we were to lose them, there are options available to us. Besides, it takes a severe case of dental hygiene negligence for people to lose teeth in the United States.

Unfortunately there are people out there who don't have these opportunities. Preventative dental care education is nonexistent for many people outside of developed countries. This is where Cura Coffee comes in. We not only want to provide dental care to those at risk of losing their smile, we want to teach the importance of dental hygiene and care. You can be a part of this by sharing with others the impact Cura is having on hundreds of smiles around the world. Be a part of this smiling movement that goes #beyond the cup.