Recipes - Coffee Banana Smoothie

Welcome back! We continue our month of recipes with another delicious drink inspired by our delicious coffee. This week we will show you how to make a tasty coffee banana smoothie. It may sound crazy but this is the perfect morning pick me up. Best part is that this drink is very easy to make and it will be a great start to your day.

Ingredients: (for two servings)

    • 1 cup of brewed Light Roast Cura Coffee
    • 1 medium size banana
    • Sugar or honey (to your liking)
    • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream


Put your coffee in a small bowl and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before you make your smoothie.
Once you are ready to make the smoothie, put the coffee and the banana in the blender for about 30 to 45 seconds.
Next, add the vanilla ice cream to the blender. Blend all these ingredients for about one minute to make sure everything is well blended. If the mixture is too thick add a bit of milk and keep blending it.
For those of you with a sweet tooth you can add a bit of sugar or drizzle some honey on top.


And there you have it. The perfect morning drink that will keep you energized for hours to come.

This recipe is sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day. Remember every time you take a sip of that smoothie you are helping put a smile on a child's face and that you are contributing to something greater that goes #beyondthecup